• “The team at Focus Education really care about supply teachers, children and schools. They always try to place you in the same schools and classes so that you really get to know the children and they you.”

    Carole Deacon

  • “I am grateful and thankful to all of the team working for Focus Education, they are a great agency to work for. All members of staff show true professionalism and are very supportive.”

    Bryan Hill

  • “Since signing with Focus Education, I have found Layla, Lynne and the rest of the team friendly, helpful and highly professional. I would recommend signing with Focus Education.”

    Sam Tyler

  • “Focus Education is more that an agency. It’s also a friendly team working closely with supply teachers. I’ve never had to worry about the amount of work available.”

    Evelyne Donnadieu

  • “I have been working for Focus for the last academic year and can honestly say that the office staff are true professionals. They go out of their way to make you feel valued and part of their team. The teaching assignments I have so far undertaken have given me the opportunity to further broaden my experience which I have found to be invaluable. They are only a phone call away and no matter how small the query they will always give their time to listen, support and advise you. Thanks Focus —- ‘You’re simply the best !’.”

    Steven Handy

  • “Focus Education is the first teaching supply agency I have worked for since retiring in 2011. I found the team very friendly and approachable. I have worked in many local schools and have enjoyed being back in the classroom. I would gladly recommend my friends to work for them.”

    Felicia Anakwenze

  • “I’ve worked for Focus Education for several years and am extremely confident in the service they provide. The staff are professional and friendly and have an excellent understanding of how schools operate which I’ve found to be lacking in other supply agencies. They listen to any worry you have regarding a placement and will support you 100%. I look forward to working with Focus in the future as they take care to know and recognise my strengths and preferences when offering me work.”

    Kate Grimley

  • “Since joining Focus just over 18 months ago I have been employed on a regular daily basis to suit my needs. The team are friendly, considerate and understanding regarding my family commitments. A pleasure to work for sums Focus Education up !”

    Helen Cooper

  • “Focus Education has always been very professional to work with and it has been the best agency by far in terms of providing me with a steady stream of work. I am pleased that I found this agency and would recommend it to everyone.”

    Joy Harris

  • “I have found Focus Education to be the most professional agency I deal with. They understand my situation and offer me work that meets my requirements. I have been to some great schools through Focus and would recommend them to others.”

    Claire Williams

  • “I have worked for Focus for two years and I found the whole team extremely friendly, efficient and helpful throughout the registration process. They clearly had wide experience of the system and made it as painless as possible. I was given work as soon as it became available in the local area and had no issues as far as administration were concerned. I have always found Focus very knowledgeable when dealing with any pay enquiries and willing to work around my commitments to other agencies. Overall, I consider Focus to be a most professional, friendly and efficient organisation .”

    Elizabeth Pettit

  • “The staff are friendly and helpful, I have had lots of work and interesting placements. I can recommend Focus – thanks guys!.”

    Michelle Middleton

  • “I have been very pleased with Focus, the work that I have been offered and the level of respect between all Focus staff and myself. This is something I have not received with another Teacher agency and I can always guarantee a good level of work offered from Focus.

    My new teaching position is a maternity cover and if required in the future I will return to Focus as a teacher supply agency and will always recommend you to other teachers and teaching assistants.”

    Faye Pollock